Ford Ranger Raptor Price Expected To Top Midsize Performance Trucks

In case you didn’t know, during the all-new P703 Ford Ranger reveal, Ford flashed a QR code that teased the debut of an upcoming performance variant of the truck, presumably the Ranger Raptor. That reveal is expected to happen this month, and if the Ford Bronco Raptor is anything to go off of, it’s going to be wizard. With that said, a recent forum post on Ranger6G has revealed the alleged starting MSRP of the 2023 Ranger Raptor. According to their internal sources, the US version of the truck will start at a retail price of $52,489 MSRP.

The US market is set to get the Ford Ranger Raptor for the first time, as the previous generation eluded the North American continent. The range-topping Ranger and the rest of the lineup are expected to be officially revealed for American customers for the 2023 model year, with production expected to begin in Michigan by next spring. The Raptor variant will eventually join the base P703N Ranger on the assembly line, similar to how the 2021 F-150 Raptor followed the base truck in cadence.

Ford Ranger Raptor Teaser Video

Ford Ranger Raptor Price And Other Details

If proven correct, the Ford Ranger Raptor price of $52,489 USD would significantly undercut the Ford Bronco Raptor, which has a starting MSRP of $69,995. Since both vehicles ride on the same platform and will borrow much of the same hardware, $52,489 certainly sounds like a bargain, but is certainly par for course when it comes to the midsize truck segment, while the Bronco Raptor is still more affordable than the Hemi-V8-powered Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 392.

While the Ranger Raptor is expected to feature the same high-output 3.0L EcoBoost V6 engine as the Bronco Raptor, it’s not expected to utilize the gargantuan 37-inch tires as the new SUV. Nor is it expected to utilize the Bronco Raptor’s fully boxed frame as far as we know. Both of these features likely attribute to the heightened MSRP. The 2023 Ford Ranger Raptor also not expected to be as wide as the Braptor.

Both the Ford Ranger Raptor and Ford Bronco Raptor will be built under the same roof, at the Ford Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan by the second quarter of 2023.

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