Fortnite Victory Royale Toys Include a Working Loot Shark

During the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021, Hasbro reveals a brand new line of Fortnite-based collectible figurines, including the loot shark.

Toy giant Hasbro has revealed the “Victory Royale” line of collectible figurines based on Fortnite’s characters, including the adorable loot shark. Epic Games’ partnership with the famous toy manufacturer started a few years ago when Hasbro released the first NERF guns modeled after Fortnite weapons and continues to go strong.

Back in October 2018, Hasbro revealed the first Fortnite-themed NERF blaster, which was inspired by the game’s famous assault rifle. Included in the package were the AR-L Blaster, a 10-round magazine, and a total of 20 elite darts. The range of available NERF guns has grown expansively since then, and currently, the Hasbro shop lists numerous dart and water blasters based on Fortnite weapons. The partnership has likely proven to be profitable for both parties since new toys have now been spotted on the horizon.

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During the Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest 2021 livestream on YouTube, the company has revealed a new line of Fortnite-themed action figures to join the Victory Royale series. As reported by Fortnite News on Twitter, the set of brand new 6-inch-tall toys based on popular skins from the game includes Chaos Agent, Lynx, Midas Rex, and Rippley with matching accessories. Additionally, one of the previously available collectibles, Meowscles, has been treated to a deluxe makeover with a premium shadow costume and a bunch of special items. Last but not least, the line of new Hasbro toys also includes the adorable loot shark, which lives up to its name by containing a pile of loot inside of it. The predatory fish can be split in half to reveal the precious items. The newest figurines will become available this fall while previously announced “The Foundation” collectible is already available, as officially revealed by Hasbro on Twitter.

The Foundation, the leader of Fortnite‘s mysterious organization the Seven, was originally featured in a Fortnite cinematic video, which marked the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 6 in the game. Armored from head to toe, the character arrived on the Battle Island on a meteor and agreed to help Agent Jones in his quest to put an end to the Zero Point anomaly. Although the hero looked impressive, players noticed an odd resemblance between The Foundation’s physical appearance and actor Dwayne Johnson, who is strongly believed to have voiced the character.

It goes without saying that Fortnite fans would crave to grab themselves a piece of game-themed memorabilia by Hasbro, especially considering the traditionally high quality of the company’s collectibles. Since Epic Games has extended the merchandising partnership with the toy manufacturer for another five years, there will probably be many more amazing figurines based on Fortnite skins. This is a true treat for all the devoted fans of the battle royale game.

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Source: Fortnite News/Twitter, Hasbro/Twitter, Hasbro Pulse/YouTube

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