Fractal Design Launches Its Aspect Fan Series

Fractal Design has announced a new fan series, called the Aspect Fan series, which has been created using the core functionality from favorites like its Dynamic and Prisma fan series while offering a different aesthetic and unique performance. Fractal design currently has twelve different models offered in the Aspect fan series, ranging in size from 120mm up to 140mm, and the option to choose a model that features RGB or doesn’t feature any RGB lighting.

Fractal Design has announced its latest fan series called the Aspect, which features a unique combination of performance and aesthetics

This fan series offers some notable features, including aerodynamic stator struts, Trip Wire technology, rifle bearings, and built-in chaining support.

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Source: Fractal Design

The Trip Wire technology introduces a micro-turbulent layer for enhanced blad efficiency, and this technology is commonly found in airplane wing design. This technology allows for both maximum airflow and a maximum noise level for each fan, with the 140mm fans featuring a higher maximum noise when compared to the 120 mm fans.

The PWM fans offer a speed range making them ideal for cooling a radiator or to act as a PC case fan, as the variable speed ensures that the fan will remain quiet under lighter workloads and will only ramp up in speed when the temperature rises.

Source: Fractal Design

The 120 mm fans feature a maximum RPM of 2,000 while producing a maximum noise level of 33.2 dBA and produce a maximum pressure of 2.34 mm H2O. While the 140mm fans offer a maximum RPM of 1,700, a maximum noise level of 35.5 dBA, and can create a maximum pressure of 2.05 mm H2O.

This fan series includes the Aspect 12 Black and the White model feature a price of $10.99, while the Aspect 12 PWM Black, Aspect 14 Black, a White model, Aspect 12 RGB Black Frame, and Aspect 12 RGB White Frame has a price of $12.99. The Aspect 14 PWM Black, Aspect 12 RGB PWM Black Frame, Aspect 14 RGB Black Frame, and RGB White Frame features $14.99, while the Aspect 14 RGB PWM Black Frame features the highest price of $16.99. These prices ensure that both budget and high-end PC builds can utilize these fans without breaking your budget!

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