Galaxy for Work: a campaign to bring Samsung tech into the workplace

Galaxy for Work: a glimpse into the Samsung workplace

Samsung is launching a new Galaxy for Work campaign, releasing two lighthearted short films on YouTube to jumpstart the project. With Galaxy for Work, Samsung’s main goal is to emphasize the value of good, reliable tech in the workplace, and its ability to keep employees happy and better equipped to accomplish work goals.
Samsung’s idea is that outfitting a company with reliable Samsung enterprise devices will boost both productivity, comfort and fulfillment on every side. The first video depicts an investment services company called “Silverglate ventures,” where all employees are given the best of Samsung tech and appear as happy and productive as can be.
One of the workers is pictured examining business expansion proposals on a Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung’s cream of the crop in mobile form factor innovation. Now, if we hear of a company giving out free Galaxy Z Fold 3’s to its employees, we don’t doubt they’d all be happy campers!

“Whether [we]’re here in the office or working wherever, Samsung keeps us connected,” announces what appears to the CEO of the investment company in the video. “Lots of people are changing jobs right now—but not here,” he declares as he walks through the office, accentuating his speech by waving the ping-pong paddle in his hand (which becomes a quirky staple in the film).

Now, one of Samsung’s overarching ideas is that the work sector doesn’t really matter—any kind of workplace can vastly benefit from distributing Samsung personal devices to ensure reliable connection, productivity, and efficiency. 

The second Galaxy for Work campaign video takes us to a central fire department in the U.S., where it’s particularly crucial for employees to be constantly on top of things and maintain excellent organization.

Rather than leafing through scribbled-on calendars to keep track of work shifts, the manager of “Station 8” is seen quickly jotting down shift changes on Google Calendar—with a Galaxy S pen on what appears to be a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Campaign aside, this near-phablet is definitely quite an efficient and snappy daily driver, with the S pen a convenient addition—overall quite conducive to productivity if you do use it for work.
In a press release, Samsung says that “studies have found that high-performing employees are driven by ambition, appetite for growth and eagerness to deliver excellence. They are drawn to companies that provide cutting-edge digital tools that enable them to efficiently get the job done with 80% of workers stating that a company using the latest technology is more desirable to join.”

While the videos published today are lighthearted and playful in nature, Matthew Leem, VP of Samsung’s Global Brand Marketing Group says that “they point to the many ways Samsung technology improves the employee experience and in turn positively impacts talent retention.” 

We’re curious to see how well Samsung’s campaign takes off in the coming weeks, and whether it will end up having an impact on businesses’ decision to adopt more Samsung enterprise devices in the workplace. Outfitting companies with top-of-the-line daily driver tech makes sense in the mid- or post-Covid business landscape, where many employees continue to work remotely and need to stay motivated and connected.

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