Gantri Arintzea Lighting Collection by Muka Design Lab consists of wall and table lights » Gadget Flow

Add a classic yet modern touch to your home with the Gantri Arintzea Lighting Collection by Muka Design Lab. This collection consists of two models—the Wall Light and Table Light. Both have long-lasting designs, just like their 20th-century predecessors. What’s more, the lamps in the Arintzea Collection feature a minimalist, streamlined design that adds a warm, airy feel to any room. The Wall Light mounts to your wall and is ideal beside your bed or in a hallway. Meanwhile, the Table Lamp fits easily on a bookshelf or your nightstand for ambient room lighting. And its heavy base provides stability. Moreover, both lamps offer dimmable LEDs and are made from plant polymers. Additionally, the dimmer provides 90+ CRI for museum-grade light quality and soft white light with 2700K color temperature. Finally, both lamps feature flat plugs that rest flush against the wall.

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