Get flexible home security this winter with the Swann Xtreem al

(Pocket-lint) – Until recently, wireless home security systems lacked flexibility for a number of reasons, such as a weak battery or the need for a wired connection to a power source. It goes without saying, a security camera can’t be considered truly wireless if it’s connected to a power source or if it needs to be charged constantly. Ideally, you should have the capacity to install a security camera without wires and then forget about it.

That’s precisely why we’re excited about the Swann Xtreem all-wireless security camera. Swann’s Xtreem all-wireless security camera is the ultimate wireless camera because of its extremely powerful battery and 100% wire-free installation. It doesn’t rely on smart hubs or a power source, making it completely wire-free. Furthermore, it can be installed indoors and outdoors, making it the ideal camera for keeping an eye on your home this festive season.

Below, we highlight the Swann Xtreem all-wireless security camera’s most exciting features!

100% wire-free installation

Most wireless security cameras aren’t truly wireless. They may work on batteries, but those batteries have to be replaced every couple of days, which defeats the whole purpose of a wireless camera. Some of them might provide wireless internet connection, but they still have to be connected to a power source or a separate hub, which, again, defeats the whole point of a wireless camera. However, Swann Xtreem is truly wireless because you don’t need to connect it to a separate hub or power station.

Long-lasting battery life

Battery life is another one of the major issues with most other smart security cameras. It goes without saying, security cameras consume a lot of power, so they need to have strong batteries. Most current security cameras have batteries that last a few days or perhaps weeks. That means you need to constantly recharge the battery in regular intervals. But Swann Xtreem has an inbuilt 13,200mAh Lithium battery that provides up to 6 months of usage! That’s what you want from any security camera worth its salt.

Designed for discreet indoor and outdoor use

As we’ve established already, Swann Xtreem is extremely flexible and versatile. There are no wires or smart hubs, and the battery life lasts for 6 months. Furthermore, it has an IP56 rating, which guarantees that it can easily withstand extreme weather conditions, such as rainstorms, snow, and more. This security camera also looks small and discreet — a lens housed within an all-white plastic casing. As such, you can comfortably install it indoors or outdoors — the choice is completely yours!

Works with existing voice assistants

If you have an existing smart security system and voice assistants, you’ll probably want a compatible smart security camera. Numerous smart security cameras limit their compatibility to their native smart hubs or a few select voice assistants. But Swann Xtreem works with most existing smart security setups and voice assistants, including Google Home and Alexa. As such, you can easily control this security camera using voice commands, and it can also interact with other smart security systems, such as motion sensors or lights.

High-quality infra-red for perfect visibility at night

Swann Xtreem all-wireless security camera provides brilliant, high-quality visuals and recordings during the day or night. It features a powerful infra-red night vision that can capture up to 8 meters of visuals without distortion. This feature is particularly useful during the winter months when the nights seem longer and the days shorter. Furthermore, this is a 1080p camera with an ultra-wide 110º viewing angle, giving you a panoramic view of your environment, so there aren’t any blind spots.

Other noteworthy features include…

  • Free video recordings with the Xtreem memory card
  • 1-day cloud backup for video recordings
  • Increase the cloud backup to 60 days
  • 2-way microphone to communicate with guests and pets

Swann Xtreem is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and versatile smart security cameras on the market. It’s equipped with all the features you need this winter, including an IP56 rating, infra-red night vision, and an extremely long-lasting battery independent of smart hubs.

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