Giants GM dismisses notion he won’t trade back in draft

As a general manager, Dave Gettleman has developed a reputation as a bit of an anti-Bill Belichick, in the sense that he never trades back in the draft. When asked about it, the Giants GM said that it was not an intentional choice and insisted that he has attempted to trade back before. He just hasn’t been able to get a deal done.

“I’ve tried in the past. Honest, I’ve tried to trade back,” Gettleman said. “But it’s got to be value. I’m not getting fleeced. I refuse to do it. If someone wants to make a bad trade back, God bless them.”

Trading back is common practice among general managers, but despite making 54 draft selections for the Panthers and the Giants over the last decade, Gettleman has not done it a single time. It’s earned him a bit of notoriety among the draft community, with NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah saying that “we’ll see a right turn in a NASCAR race before we see Dave Gettleman trade back.”

Could Gettleman finally complete his first trade back in the upcoming draft? It’s possible, as plenty of teams are reportedly interested in moving up to grab a top-tier offensive player, while the Giants are believed to be targeting a pass-rusher.

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