Girls hostel video ‘leak’ sets off storm of fear, rage in Chandigarh | India News

CHANDIGARH/SHIMLA: Allegations about a girl student of Chandigarh University recording and sharing with her boyfriend “objectionable videos” of fellow boarders at the hostel plunged the Mohali institute into a spiral of fear, rumours and unrest since late Saturday, culminating in the duo’s arrest on Sunday even as the authorities clarified there had been no privacy breach.
“The suspect had sent her own videos to her boyfriend in Shimla. Other girls saw her recording while she was in the washroom and panicked, thinking she was shooting videos of them. If a girl and boy are sharing videos and not making them public, it isn’t a crime according to law,” Mohali SSP Vivek Sheel Soni said. There was no evidence of videos other than those of the arrested student being shot and shared, police said.
By the time police and university officials issued denials about a batch of videos allegedly featuring boarders going viral, unsubstantiated speculation about one girl dying by suicide and several others attempting self-harm added to the storm of protest barrelling through the campus.

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