Global Debut Is Right Around The Corner

With the arrival of the new T6.2 Ford Ranger comes the arrival of the new Ford Everest, which enters the final testing stage. Just like when Ford Australia was working on designing the next-generation Ranger, they’ve spoken with customers to get a feel for what they wanted, and they’re almost ready to deliver. And while we’re chock-full of adventure vehicles here in the United States, we can’t help but be a little jealous of the markets that will get the Ford Everest. Because it’s unfortunately not coming here.

It joins a growing list of fun Ford products that are meant for markets outside the company’s home country. Other examples include the late Ford Falcon, the new Ford Focus ST, and the Troller T4.

As the next-generation Ford Everest reaches the final phase of its global testing program, it has been dressed in a digitized camouflage similar to that of the Ranger, which really pops in the promo videos . Exterior designer at Ford Australia Lee Imrie has put together the design, which shows off some of the Everest’s shapes while keeping critical features hidden until the vehicle unveiling in the first quarter of 2022. The cloaked next-generation Everest is meant to stand out even at night with clever reflective strips inside the camouflage.

Next-Generation Ford Everest: What To Expect

Previous versions of the Ford Everest started back in 2003; utilizing a Mazda architecture that was also used on the Ford Ranger at the time. The second-generation Ford Everest SUV was unveiled as a concept vehicle in March 2014 and was based on the globally-marketed T6 Ranger. Both vehicle programs were spearheaded by Ford Australia, much like we see today.

The next-generation Ford Everest will follow suit with the Ford Ranger and release globally. However, the midsize body-on-frame SUV hasn’t been sold and isn’t going to be sold in North America since we have access to the similarly sized Ford Explorer and even larger Ford Expedition, while also enjoying superior off-road capability with the new Bronco. None of these SUVs will be officially sold in Australia. But hey, maybe Ford will make an Everest Raptor this time.

While the camouflage pattern on the Ford Everest is meant to disguise some exterior features, individuals who spot the vehicle can scan the QR code built into the design. Allowing them to engage with it and share their experience, just as they could have done with the Ford Ranger.

Next-Generation Ford Everest

Next-Generation Ford Everest

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