GMC Hummer EV Features New Sound Technology From Bose

Bose is introducing the first ever Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement (ESVE) technology in the 2022 GMC Hummer EV. The system comes with a 14-speaker surround system that will come standard and aspires to heighten the overall driving experience of the all-electric pickup truck (and eventually, an SUV).


The GMC Hummer EV, which has received a thumbs up from both the President and Jay Leno, will be able to send custom made propulsion sounds via the Bose ESVE technology. The synthetic sound effects will be accompanied by music through the cabin, while noise canceling technology masks various outside sounds. There will also be different sounds for different drive modes. Ultimately, it should lead to a more immersive experience when either behind the wheel or in the cabin of the super truck.

It is not going to mimic the sounds of an internal combustion engine, though. But those types of audio signals may be reserved for something Dodge is working on in the presumed Charger EV.


In normal driving mode on the Hummer EV you’ll receive subtle sounds that correspond with the vehicle’s speed, torque and throttle position. In Terrain mode an emphasis is put on torque with deeper bass sounds matching rising and lowering torque forces. In “Watts To Freedom” mode (WTF Mode), the subwoofer is utilized to create vibrations in the cabin mimicking the feel of a revving engine just before take-off down a drag strip, then changes into a different propulsion sound corresponding to the rise in speed.


Bose shares some examples of what everything will sound like on their website which you can visit here. In addition to the ESVE technology Bose will also offer Audiopilot, a technology that is meant to drown out unwanted road noise in an effort to listen to your music of choice in the best environment possible. Those features utlize an all new Bose Bass box positioned under the rear seat as well as Bose’s Centerpoint digital signal processing allowing for the surround sound experience in any seat in the cabin.


Image via GMC.

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