Google Assistant to replace dialogue bubbles and small text with large bolded print

Google is testing a major change to Google Assistant that makes the digital assistant look better on an Android phone. Right now, responses made by Google Assistant include showing the user appropriate cards, posting web results, opening an app, or showing a text response. Instead of showing the latter using a dialogue balloon with tiny print, Google is making a change.
Some users are seeing text responses in larger bolded print without the comic strip style dialogue balloons. For those who believe that seeing is believing and would rather see Google Assistant’s response to an inquiry than hear it, this is a positive change. Older responses on the screen will shrink and gray out.

9to5Google says that for now, you won’t see the bolder, larger text for replies related to a weather inspired task, a response that is put on a card, or on inquiries that return a list of web results. Instead, it appears that the change is more apt to appear when asking Google Assistant to tell a joke or for other tasks that might be considered “fun.” The hope is that the new response interface will eventually be used for other topics since it is easier to read.

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