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In a recent update, Google India announced that its Messages app will now delete one-time passwords (OTPs) automatically, to stop the single-use codes clogging up users’ inboxes. Also, the app will sort messages into categories like SMS texts, personal transactions, OTPs, offer, and standard personal messages.

As per a Google India blog post, all transaction-related messages will automatically be filtered into a separate tab while personal conversations will stay highlighted in your inbox. Google will also separate conversations from saved and unsaved numbers. All of this will be done by the tech giant using a machine learning model. This update will roll out only in India in the coming weeks.

Google has decided to roll out this update in India basis feedback from users in the country. Image: Google

Google has decided to roll out this update in India basis feedback from users in the country. Image: Google

“Last year, we expanded spam protection to help reduce the volume of unwanted messages by automatically moving suspected spam messages into a spam folder. To continue to keep your inbox free of clutter, we’re also providing the option to automatically delete your one-time passwords (OTPs) 24 hours after they’re received, so you don’t have to spend time deleting them manually,” read Google’s blog post.

To enable the update, users need to tap on “Continue”, upon seeing the suggestion prompt to confirm their selection.

As for why only India is receiving this update, Google said it had heard from many Indian users that they received several messages from friends, family, businesses sending promotions, order confirmations, receipts and more. With so many texts piling up in the inbox, it can be difficult to separate the important ones from those that need little to no attention. Hence, this update will help users keep a timely track of relevant and important messages.

The rollout will be available to Android users on phones running version eight and above. The features of the update are optional and can be managed in the app settings.

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