Google wants you to think of its search app when it comes to breaking news

Google wants you to think of its search app when it comes to breaking news

Google Search might not be the first place you think of heading to when you want to check out the top news stories of the day. However, Google would like that to change. The Alphabet subsidiary is working on a way for Search to show more timely news when a user seeks info on topics like big-ticket sports games, awards shows, and natural disasters.

Twitter, on the other hand, has been able to attract viewers looking for live coverage of breaking news. During such events, anyone with a smartphone can become a photojournalist sharing live video and audio from the scene. In 2015, Google and Twitter reached a deal that elevated tweets to the top of Google Search results for queries related to breaking news. Now, Google would like to be more like Twitter, reports Bloomberg.
Inside the company, Google’s initiative is called Big Moments and is still considered an experiment. As such, Google isn’t saying exactly how it might display tweets covering breaking news on Google Search in the future. A small group inside the Google Search team is working on Big Moments and the failure of Google Search to display relevant breaking news during the attack on the U.S. Capitol and the Black Lives Matter protests has insiders on the Google Search team working on ways to fix things.

“We are continually experimenting with ways to ensure that people who come to Google can find the most authoritative and up to date information when they need it,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “Any feature or improvement to our systems goes through a rigorous testing and evaluation process to ensure it delivers value to people.”

Early last year when word about COVID-19 started to be the big story almost every day, Google revised its Search format so that video and data from medical authorities stood out more in the results. This is what Google would like to do with other timely breaking news events. Still, Google argues that it is not a publisher and should be viewed as a platform.

The changes that Google wants to bring to Search include the addition of historical context to a story. In addition, Google would add information to a breaking news event that it doesn’t already include such as updating the most recent death and injury counts connected to a breaking news story in real-time.

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