Gossip Girl: Georgina’s 10 Best Quotes

Georgina Sparks makes her long-awaited return to the Upper East Side in season 2 of the Gossip Girl reboot. Played by the underrated teen queen of the noughties Michelle Trachtenberg, Georgina is the meanest girl in a world full of backstabbing queen bees.

Unlike Blair, Georgina was unashamedly amoral, and she owned it. Fans loved her messy and bold schemes and no-prisoners attitude, shameless and highly-entertaining qualities that made her an iconic part of the show. Georgina also had some incredible quotes which blended cruelty with sass, cementing her place as one of the show’s undeniable stars.


“Bless Us, Father. I Have A Feeling We’re About To Sin.”

Season 5, Episode 13, “G.G.”

Split image of Blair, Chuck, and Louis, Georgina, Cyrus and Blair, and Serena

The 100th episode of Gossip Girls featured the long-awaited wedding between Blair and Prince Louis. Dressed in an altar boy gown, Georgina returns to wreak her usual havoc and delivers this now-iconic line to prove she means business.

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Georgina had no respect for any institution and lacked any sense of morality; she lived for the chaos she caused. Her intervention in the episode is pretty memorable, which isn’t a surprise because anything Georgina does is OTT.

“I’ve Been Good For So Long…”

Season 5, Episode 17, “The Princess Dowry.”

Georgina Sparks smiling at Serena in Gossip Girl

“…it’s time for me to be bad.” Gossip Girl was full of mean characters who loved tearing each other apart. However, Georgina out-meaned them all. She was her own brand of cruelty, a character who lived for the drama and didn’t care who got hurt; as long as she had her fun, everyone was fair game.

Still, Georgina toned things down sometimes, mostly out of necessity. Whenever she spent too much time being “good,” she complained about how bored she was and how much she missed her schemes. During one memorable moment in season 5, she laments how she’s spent so long being “good” and claims it’s time for her to go back to her old ways. No matter how hard she tried, she could never stay good for long.

“I’m Going To Get Drunk Enough…”

Season 4, Episode 22, “The Wrong Goodbye.”

Gossip Girl Cast

“…to make you all seem interesting.” Some of the best characters in Gossip Girl were also the most interesting. Figures like Blair, Dan, and Jenny were layered and chaotic; they were often awful and frustrating, but no one could deny they were fascinating. Still, Georgina despised them because she considered them boring and predictable.

After she married a rich but boring man, Georgina settled into blissful domesticity. But she hated it and was desperate for some action. However, she could only stand so much time with her friends/enemies, whose safe ways she found loathsome. Georgina has a dry and wicked sense of humor, and this hilarious quote proves it; anyone who wants to keep up with her must share her love for a good scheme.

“Nothing Like A Scorned Lover To Scorch The Earth.”

Season 5, Episode 24, “The Return Of The Ring.”

Dan and Georgina sit together in the back of a car in Gossip Girl

Dan Humphrey is Gossip Girl‘s most contentious character. Some people love his brooding, moody attitude and admire how he successfully gaslit everyone into accepting him into their group. However, others can see through his facade and into his sociopathic heart. Georgina is the latter; however, she admires that quality, especially because she often uses it to get her fun.

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When Dan decided to write a tell-all book about the Upper East Side, Georgina was more than happy to help. She celebrated his ruthless attitude and correctly guessed it came from a place of bitterness and contempt for his so-called friends. Dan indeed wrote his book, and Georgina encouraged him to be as vile as possible.

“When It Comes To Blair Waldorf, I Don’t Have To Do Much…”

Season 3, Episode 3, “The Lost Boy.”

Blair Waldorf walking while looking sad in Gossip Girl

“…but light the match and watch her go up in flames.” Blair was the smartest character in Gossip Girl but also one of the most insecure. After spending years in Serena’s shadow, Blair struggled with self-doubt, and her insecurities often sent her down dangerous paths.

Georgina understood how easy it was to use Blair’s fears against her, and she enjoyed toying with the mighty Queen B. Their conflict in season 3 ended conclusively, but Georgina proved she could take Blair down without much effort. This scathing takedown is among Georgina’s coldest because it hit Blair right where it hurts.

“I Don’t Need Anybody In My Life…”

Season 1, Episode 15, “Desperately Seeking Serena.”

Serena and Georgina stare at each other in Gossip Girl.

“…who doesn’t wanna be there.” Serena is different in Gossip Girl compared to her book counterpart. One of the key differences is her relationship with Georgina, which is much more complicated in the show. The two have a very unhealthy dynamic, with Georgina often blackmailing and taking advantage of Serena.

In season 1, Georgina tried to bring Serena’s wild side back. If delivered by any other character, this quote would be inspiring, but Georgina meant it in a cold, threatening way. Georgina loves her chaotic life, and her saying this line meant she could see that Serena no longer fit in her life and therefore must be punished for it.

“Phone Stealing? That Is The ‘Training Bra’ Of Treachery.”

Season 6, Episode 10, “The Revengers.”

Georgina looking haughty in Gossip Girl.

Out of all the schemers, liars, and cheaters in Gossip Girl, Georgina takes the cake. She lacks moral boundaries, and her sense of right and wrong is all messed up. However, these qualities make her a superstar in the Upper East Side, and more than one character considers her the best at what she does.

During the series finale, Georgina helped Blair and Chuck take down the evil Bart Bass. Georgina’s abilities came in handy when trying to elude the authorities, and her verbal takedowns made for great entertainment. Leave it to her to make theft seem harmless and unimpressive. However, considering all the trouble she caused throughout the show, it really is nothing to her.

“Public Humiliation Is Really More My Forte.”

Season 6, Episode 1, “Gone Maybe Gone.”

Georgina Sparks looking serious in Gossip Girl

Few characters compare to Georgina in terms of cruelty. Arguably, only Juliet came close because not even Blair dares to do so much harm. But Georgina is fearless, unremorseful, and shameless; she’ll do anything to get her fun, no matter who gets hurt.

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Her cold and calculating character is infamous in the Upper East Side, and she takes considerable pride in her reputation. Take this line, spoken during the sixth season premiere, where Georgina boldly spoke about her public humiliation credentials. Many characters try to do what she does, but few succeed; that is reason enough to be proud.

“When Everybody At A Party Hates You…”

Season 5, Episode 17, “The Princess Dowry.”

Ivy smiles at Lily in Gossip Girl

“…who better to bring than someone they hate even more?” Ivy is one of Gossip Girl‘s least popular characters. Most fans dislike her pettiness, and she wasn’t a cool enough character to pull off her deplorable actions.

Georgina briefly sided with her during season 5, mainly because she wanted to stir the pot. She knows how much everyone else hates her and enjoys her infamy, unlike Ivy, who secretly wants them to like her. Georgina’s line was sassy and true, especially in the world of Gossip Girl, where characters who hate each other join forces to take down mutual enemies. But, of course, Georgina knew this; she practically invented the game’s rules.

“You Can Tell Jesus That The B**ch Is Back.”

Season 2, Episode 24, “Valley Girls.”

Blair and Georgina in Gossip Girl.

Arguably Georgina’s most iconic quote, this ironic and over-the-top line came in late season 2 and cemented her as one of teen television’s most memorable characters. Georgina said it to Blair once she abandoned her religious facade and embraced her old ways.

The quote is ridiculous and hilarious yet menacing enough to pack a punch. Trachtenberg delivered it with delicious wickedness, savoring each syllable. In less capable hands, it would come across as laughable, something straight out of Riverdale, but Trachtenberg spoke it with such conviction that fans couldn’t help but fall at Georgina’s feet.

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