GPU Stock Up Overseas As Crypto-Limited RTX Cards Arrive

Getting one of the best graphics cards at almost any price was close to impossible just two or three months ago, but the situation is starting to get better as Nvidia’s new Light Hash Rate (LHR) series of GeForce RTX 30-series cards are beginning to arrive. Prices of graphics boards are still high in the US, Europe, and Japan, but now that LHR boards are here, at least they do not attract attention of miners. 

Earlier this month we reported in our GPU Pricing Index that tracks U.S.  pricing and availability of the lastest graphics cards that many of the add-in-boards we follow got as much as 12.6% cheaper when compared to the first half of May. The cards are still expensive, but we might be starting to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.  

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