GTA 5 Godzilla Mod Provides The Ultimate Rampage Experience

A new mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 is letting players transform into the legendary Godzilla and have the ultimate rampage experience across Los Santos.

A new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod lets players transform into Godzilla and rampage across San Andreas. Despite being almost eight years old, the open-world action-adventure title from Rockstar Games is still incredibly popular, which is primarily due to the success of its online multiplayer component GTA Online, as well as the fact that the studio hasn’t released or even mentioned a sequel in years, deciding instead to repeatedly rerelease and remaster GTA 5 as many times as possible.

It’s hard to blame Rockstar Games for the amount of time and effort the company has put into GTA 5, as it’s still able to sell extremely well even though it was originally released back in 2013. The game has sold over 140 million copies across all the platforms it’s been made available on since its initial launch, and it’s even sold 20 millions units in 2020 alone. According to Take-Two Interactive, which owns Rockstar Games, GTA 5 is responsible for 42% of the franchise’s total sales across over two decades and 11 games, ostensibly making it a very important product for the company.

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The ongoing popularity of GTA 5 and its wide availability on multiple platforms has meant that fans are still actively creating mods for the game. One such mod is the new Ultimate Godzilla Mod with Atomic Breath by JulioNIB. The mod, which was featured on the TK Rebirth YouTube channel, is still in development, but the video does show a preview of the mod in action. The Godzilla model used for the mod is based on the Legendary Pictures MonsterVerse iteration of the popular kaiju and, as mentioned in the title of the video, features Godzilla’s signature atomic breath from those films as well as the light up effect and sound when it’s charging up.

The new Godzilla mod is one of JulioNIB’s projects that are still classified as eWIP or Early Work in Progress. Along with the Godzilla model, the creator is also making a Mechagodzilla model based on the version from the same MonsterVerse franchise, specifically from the movie Godzilla vs. Kong which released earlier this year. Apart from GTA 5 mods, JulioNIB also works on mods for Red Dead Redemption 2, including one that turns the game’s protagonist Arthur Morgan into a superpowered cowboy.

JulioNIB’s Godzilla mod is pretty impressive based on just what was shown in the video, especially considering that it’s still very much in early development. It would be interesting to see what other features or functions JulioNIB plans to implement in the mod, and how many of those functions will interact with the accompanying Mechagodzilla mod, if any. With mods as entertaining as this one, it’s no wonder that the Grand Theft Auto 5 community is still so active even after all this time.

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Source: JulioNIB/Patreon (via TK Rebirth/YouTube)

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