GTA Online Players Can Earn $500K In Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions

GTA Online Players Can Earn 0K In Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online players can now earn impressive rewards by completing Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions within the multiplayer crime title.

A recent Grand Theft Auto Online update has doubled the reward players can earn by completing Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions. Rockstar Games’ multiplayer open-world crime title was released in 2013 alongside the single-player Grand Theft Auto V. Since its launch the developer has continued to support GTA Online through additional content and in-game events.

Racing through city streets in fast cars has always been a big part of Grand Theft Auto‘s appeal, and GTA Online certainly delivers that criminal fantasy. One imaginative player recently went on a joy ride through the streets of Los Santos without even holding the steering wheel. A first-person view showed both of the player character’s hands occupied, one by a handgun and the other by a cigarette, while their vehicle swerved automatically and effortlessly through traffic. The apparent autopilot was achieved by using an emote and holding a weapon and then driving in the first-person view. Another courageous GTA Online driving stunt was performed by two players who managed to land their cars on the roof of a hospital. The stunt was achieved by hitting a highway ramp at high speed and then bouncing off of a highway sign, flipping the cars and allowing them to land perfectly on the small roof.

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Rockstar Games recently added bonuses to GTA Online which grant double rewards to players who complete Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions between June 10 and June 23. These missions task players with retrieving specific cars, usually using criminal methods and then selling them for a profit. Additionally, players who complete five or more Vehicle Cargo Steal Missions over the next two weeks will receive a $250,000 bonus. Bringing in ten or more vehicles will double that prize to an impressive $500,000. In addition to car theft, this update also adds a triple reward bonus for completing Extraction missions and a double reward bonus for VIP/CEO Work and Challenges until June 23.

While swerving through traffic in a sports car is a popular Grand Theft Auto pastime, GTA Online also allows players to soar above the clouds. One player recently pulled off an unbelievable 2-minute long stunt using a jet plane. The spectacular showcase trades speed for maneuverability, with the plane carefully hovering underneath bridges and between structures without care.

Rockstar Games has been able to maintain GTA Online‘s fanbase through frequent support, ensuring that players always have something to do in Los Santos. This commitment to in-game events keeps long-time players engaged more than seven years after the game’s initial release. While many gamers are looking forward to a new single-player title from Rockstar, the developer can rest assured that GTA Online will keep many fans satisfied.

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Grand Theft Auto Online is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Rockstar Games

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