GXT 258 Fyru USB 4-in-1 streaming microphone features four recording patterns » Gadget Flow

Use the Trust GXT 258 Fyru USB 4-in-1 streaming microphone to record high-quality audio in any situation. In fact, it’s a great addition to podcasts, voice-overs, streaming on social media, and more. With four recording patterns available: cardioid, bidirectional, stereo, and omnidirectional, this device creates optimized audio. It also offers zero latency to listen to what you’re recording in real-time, without any delays. In addition, this USB 4-in-1 streaming microphone delivers rich and clear audio, so you can use it to capture vocals or acoustic instruments. It also boasts a convenient and stunning design with adjustable LED lighting available in five colors. This feature brings the microphone to life when it’s on your desk. And the microphone gain, mute and headphone volume knobs on the front provide convenience and storage.

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