Haier Reveals Boyue G43 Laptops Using Zhaoxin KX-6000G CPU With Integrated Graphics

Chinese multinational consumer electronics & home appliance company Haier launches the Boyue G43 ultra-thin laptop, utilizing the Zhaoxin KX-6000G CPU.

The Haier Boyue G43 laptop utilizes the upgraded Zhaoxin KX-6000G CPU for the China domestic marketplace

Haier is primarily known in the United States for its appliances and cooperation with General Electric (GE), and most computing products are usually found in overseas marketplaces. The new Zhaoxin KX-6000G CPU is built on a 16nm technology supporting four cores across four threads. The base frequency of the CPU is 2.0 GHz with a peak boosted frequency of 3.3 GHz. The L2 cache is 4 MB with a TDP power consumption level of 15W.

The internals on the new Boyue G43 ultra-thin laptop, such as the CPU and integrated graphics performance, has improved since previous generations. The company assures that the battery life and energy efficiency have seen a boost from its predecessors. Haier anticipates that the ultra-thin laptop will offer higher efficiency levels, excellent compatibility, and increased safety and security. The new Zhaoxin  KX-6000G CPU performance is perfect for laptops, AIO systems, and cloud-based PC terminals. The integrated GPU is anticipated to support DirectX 12, OpenCL 1.2, OpenGL 4.6, and 4K resolution.

Additionally, the new Boyue G43 laptop offers 8 GB of DDR4 memory, a 512 GB SSD, and a lithium battery with a 65Wh high capacity so that users can work longer remotely. The body of the Boyue G43 laptop consists of a silver all-metal thin chassis, a 14-inch IPS display, 1920 x 1200 peak screen resolution, and supported 180º opening/closing.

Image source: Haier via Kuai Technology

Haier’s Boyue G43 ultra-thin laptop offers a backlit keyboard and sizeable multi-functional touchpad equipped with fingerprint recognition for added security. The new ultra-thin laptop is compatible with Windows and domestic operating systems such as UOS and Kirin.

This is the second CPU from domestic chip manufacturer Zhaoxin with the KH-40000 series CPUs seeing use in the server marketplace. The pricing and availability of the new Boyue G43 ultra-thin laptop with the Zhaoxcin KX-6000G series CPU are unknown. Still, it should be only available in the Chinese marketplace as any shipments in or outside China are mostly halted.

News Source: Kuai Technology

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