Halo Fan Builds Customizable Real-Life Version Of Jorge’s Helmet

A skilled Halo fan has designed and created their very own fully customizable version of Jorge’s helmet, complete with interchangeable visors.

A talented Halo fan has created their very own version of Jorge’s helmet, which is fully customizable to suit any occasion. Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052 is something of an underrated character in the longstanding series, with most of the focus being on the Master Chief. The series’ main character is now an icon even outside of the franchise, with gamers even calling out for Master Chief to come to Super Smash Bros. The tides have now turned thanks to one Halo fan, who’s more than impressed Reddit users with their incredible creation based on Jorge’s helmet.

Halo players currently have a lot to look forward to as plans for the franchise and its universe go full steam ahead. The next game in the series, Halo Infinite, is due to release later this year, and it’s looking promising despite its initial rocky reception when gameplay was first revealed in 2020. Fans of the Master Chief were treated to more game footage during E3 2021’s Xbox Showcase, which also revealed more on the game’s multiplayer. Halo Infinite will be the first game in the series to have free-to-play multiplayer, with new seasons of content releasing roughly every three months. A Halo TV show is also in development, though a release date isn’t yet official.

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A Reddit user by the name of huragok_in_disguise has paid homage to the series with their recreation of Jorge’s helmet. The helmet is fully customizable with a range of different pieces, with even the visor being interchangeable. Sharing their incredible piece to Reddit, huragok_in_disguise offered tips on creating the piece for those looking to make their own Halo helmets. Explaining the process for making the visors, the Halo fan said: “For all my visors, I print out a plastic version and use that to make a mold out of a custom printed mold shell. I then cast a dyed resin visor and polish it till I can see through it.” The finished product looks amazingly realistic, unlike another fan’s recent reimagining of Halo as a Nintendo Switch game.

Any 3D printing experts looking to create their own version of the helmet are in luck, as the user is selling the design files via Aguilar Workshop. According to the listing, the helmet is comprised of more than 40 pieces, “designed to fit together like a 3D puzzle“. While the build works in a way that will require minimal glue for maximum customization, this doesn’t appear to be a project for novices. However, huragok_in_disguise does say they can help with the building and printing process should any budding Spartans struggle with their helmet.

Jorge may no longer be with players, but his recreating his helmet could be the perfect way to pass time until the release of Halo Infinite. The upcoming release was initially planned to be an Xbox Series X/S launch title, before being delayed until the latter half of 2021. While players don’t yet have an exact release date, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has stated Halo is on track for its release window. According to Spencer, the game’s internal release window has been shortened by a few weeks due to successful progress with the game’s development.

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Halo Infinite comes to PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on an unspecified date this holiday season.

Source: huragok_in_disguise/Reddit

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