HaoTable hand-hammered wok is elegant, functional & made from 1 piece of carbon steel » Gadget Flow

Crafted from a single piece of carbon steel by skilled artisans, the HaoTable hand-hammered wok has a unique look. Built with time-tested methods, the HaoTable hand-hammered wok has no screws, no bolts, and no joints. This makes it both durable and simple to clean. HaoTable uses a traditional cold-hammering process that guarantees that the wok lasts forever with proper maintenance. Artisans strike each square centimeter more than 150 times, which creates subtle indentations that allow you to control where the food sits in the wok. You won’t regret adding this durable and elegant wok to your kitchen essentials. In fact, you’ll love the HaoTable hand-hammered wok so much that it will become a family heirloom that you will pass down to future generations.

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