Hausbots HB1 construction robot can climb rough surfaces and overcome obstacles like wires » Gadget Flow

Make inspecting, sensing, and painting tall buildings easier, safer, and less expensive with the Hausbots HB1 construction robot. Designed with a unique wall climbing technology, it can climb rough and smooth surfaces—including metal and non-metal. It can even overcome obstacles, such as wires and surface bolts while offering a payload of 6 kg. As a result, this construction robot is perfect for painting, completing infrastructure surveys, and visual inspections of buildings. Moreover, the Hausbots HB1 creates 42 kg of force into the surface to remain sturdy on surfaces. In fact, this suction force creates high-speed airflow and low pressure to generate downforce. All the while, it can climb up to 30 meters from the ground but can potentially climb an unlimited range if the tether is attached to the roof. Overall, eliminate putting employees in danger and spending a fortune on equipment when you have this gadget.

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