Heineken B.O.T. beer delivery robot follows you (almost) anywhere to keep you refreshed » Gadget Flow

Keep your favorite beverage nearby during your summer parties with the Heineken B.O.T. beer delivery robot. This one-of-a-kind robot follows you across large lawns and around picnic areas to keep beer always at the ready. Because nothing’s worse than leaving a good conversation just to get another beer. Just fill the cooler with ice and pack it with up to 12 cans for refreshment that follows you. Also, while this party accessory stays at your side, it’s smart enough to remain on land if you dive into the pool. Additionally, with its charming AI personality, the B.O.T. is sure to be a hit at all of your summer bashes. Furthermore, it’s Heineken 0.0 compatible and is always ready to chill. Stop lugging around a heavy cooler when you want to have people over and go for this cool beer robot.

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