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If you cringe at the thought of lugging around a clunky cooler in the sweltering summer heat, you’re in luck! A robotic cooler for your backyard barbecue is just what Heineken is bringing to the table. No outdoor adventure will be complete without this incredible new gadget.

In an age where robots can vacuum homes and mop floors, one has arrived to distribute drinks. Heineken’s Beer Outdoor Transporter (B.O.T.) is an autonomous mobile cooler that can be your very own brewski serving sidekick. Complete with voice activation, a sizable capacity, and intelligent navigation, B.O.T. has you covered so you can relax without needing to leave the poolside.

An outdoor beer transporter with plenty of room

It’s hard enough to keep your cool on a scorching day. Pack your Heineken B.O.T. with ice and get ready to relax because it keeps your beverages freezing cold and available to drink at your leisure. According to the Heineken website, the cooler is 3 cubic feet, can store approximately 12 cans of beer, and is compatible with Heineken 0.0 bottles. This means all you need to do is stock your B.O.T. to keep the drinks flowing. Whenever you’re ready to crack open another can (or bottle) of that delicious beverage, this robotic companion stands by to deliver it.

Review: Heineken B.O.T. robotic cooler beats summer heat
Heineken B.O.T. robotic cooler has plenty of room

Autonomously follows and delivers

Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool or flip burgers at the grill, Heineken B.O.T. is capable of intelligently following along. As you move from spot to spot, you can initiate the robotic cooler’s follow mode with a simple voice command. Just say, “Hey Heineken bot, let’s roll!” and it will be at your side in a flash.

B.O.T. navigates backyards with ease and can maneuver around obstacles and objects alike. It can spin in circles and even navigate with an open lid! While the website doesn’t specifically detail every aspect of its design, the official commercial for the robot appears to show it capable of traversing grass and avoiding the edges of pools. Of course, should a situation arise that you need to be hands-on, B.O.T. has a secondary option for remote control.

Heineken B.O.T robotic cooler official promo

Charming personality that’s the life of the party

The Heineken outdoor beer transporter is a surefire way to liven up your summer parties. With an appearance that feels similar to R2-D2 or Wall-E, friends and family will love seeing this innovative cooler in action as it charmingly cools down your guests with thirst-quenching beverages. After all, who wouldn’t be impressed to have an icy beer delivered on a hot day. As more people discover Heineken B.O.T. don’t be surprised if you see it making appearances all over social media. Sharing pictures will be too hard to resist!

Review: Heineken B.O.T. robotic cooler beats summer heat
Heineken B.O.T. robotic cooler autonomously follows

Why a robotic cooler? Because summer should be fun

While some may enjoy their old-fashioned coolers, others will adore this clever take on the idea. Heineken clearly understands that summer should be fun, and fans of both beer and technology will have a blast with this wonderful new gadget. Unfortunately, for now, Heineken’s B.O.T. is in short supply. However, be sure to keep an eye on the official product page for updates. With any luck, you’ll be kicking back with your very own beer-serving robot in no time.

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