Here’s When You Can Order A 2023 Ford Bronco

We’re not even halfway through the year yet and order books for numerous Ford vehicles have already closed, forcing folks to wait until the 2023 model year Bronco books open up to place an order. If you want a Ford Bronco in particular, you’ll end up overpaying or waiting a little longer for the one you want at this point. Ford’s website says the 2022 Ford Bronco model year trims can’t be ordered due to high demand but we do know when you can start ordering a 2023 Bronco.


Bronco Order Books 2023

Zellermb, a member of Bronco6G forum, shared a photo (above) showing expected 2023 “My Order” banks to be opened on August 15th of this year. He also shared that some dealers are already taking pre-orders so that customers may jump in line early.The post doesn’t specify what dealers are providing a pre-order service at this time, so you’ll have to contact your local dealer to see if it is something they are offering. Dealers have been known to bend the rules a bit, however Ford hasn’t said whether or not taking pre-orders was a punishable offense for dealers at the moment. Furthermore, there has been no word on whether a deposit is needed to place a pre-order for the upcoming model year.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen customers shoved to the next model year for a chance at owning a brand new Ford vehicle. Demand has far exceeded the supply. The F-150 Lightning for example closed its order books shortly after starting production as it sold out of all of its 2022 trims. The Ford Bronco Raptor has also closed its 2022 order books, which opened in March of this year. While order books may be closed the prospect of finding a 2022 Bronco on a dealers lot remains worrisome. Even if you manage to find a 2022 model year Bronco to your liking, dealer markups are another obstacle in taking ownership of a Ford Bronco.


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