Hervet Manufacturier The Arcade comes with 520 games including Pacman and Space Invaders » Gadget Flow

Redefine your gaming experience with the Hervet Manufacturier The Arcade. This retro arcade machine is inspired by ’60s sci-fi flicks and comes with 520 games including Pacman and Space Invaders. Equipped with a Bose SoundTouch panel to complement the games, it provides immersive audio. Furthermore, The Arcade also makes a wonderful home accessory with its retro furniture look, enabling you to reminisce about old times. Display it in your living room or in the work office to disconnect from daily stress. In fact, with luxury details, like natural artisan wax and a stainless steel base, it’s a work of art. Overall, indulge in a different way of playing games, and take yourself back to the past. It’ll soon become your favorite pastime.

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