Hex Home DIY security system uses Wi-Fi Sensing technology to protect your home

Get intelligent protection for your home with the Hex Home DIY security system, which offers optional 24/7 professional monitoring at a low cost. With only two to three devices, it sets up with ease in just 10 minutes. Simply download the app, plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and you have whole-home coverage. The connected mobile app allows you to manage your home anytime, anywhere. You can even adjust the sensitivity levels to filter out pets, robot vacuums, or trivial motion like a breeze blowing a curtain. Unlike current security systems that run off of antiquated technology, Hex Home uses digital technology. Its patented technology can wrap around corners and sees through walls for comprehensive coverage. In fact, it emits waves that sense motion based on how much something moving through them disrupts them. Finally, this proprietary technology limits false alarms and provides only meaningful notifications.

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