HIPSTER Air compact inflatable baby carrier folds up small & causes less back strain » Gadget Flow

Take your baby with you everywhere in a way that’s comfortable for the both of you. Introducing the HIPSTER Air compact inflatable baby carrier, which folds up as small as the size of a makeup bag! This super compact carrier is so much more travel-friendly than others, which have dangling straps and bulky designs. Moreover, the HIPSTER Air has an inflatable system that better supports baby’s weight, causing less strain on your back. So say goodbye to those other carriers, which may be comfy for baby but sure aren’t for you. With a patent-pending design, it has a built-in hand pump that transforms it from its compact shape into a complete carrier. It brings your hips and spine into perfect alignment and redistributes baby’s weight. Furthermore, it keeps your little one in just the right seated position to ensure proper hip development. Keep it with you everywhere you go.

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