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Get accurate images with your film photography with the Holga 120N plastic camera. This medium-format camera has an integrated plastic lens. It also lets you shoot in two different frame formats: 6×4.5 and 6×6. What’s more, you can experiment with the two aperture settings of f/11 (sunny) and f/8 (shade). Additionally, the (N) Normal 1/100s and (B) Bulb shutter speeds let you play with light and timing. Furthermore, the hot shoe flash connection lets you add a flash. Best of all, the film advance knob helps you move your 120 film size forward. If you want to improve your film photography, this is an excellent gadget. Moreover, the medium format allows this camera to capture accurate colors and high-quality images. Finally, with its standard tripod mount, lens cap, and strap, this photography gadget is easy to use and carry.

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