How Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin’s Astrological Signs Match

There have been rumors that Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have problems in their marriage, but they’re still together. Find out how their signs match.

Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was born under the sign of Cancer, and she’s devoted to her Scorpio husband, Harry Hamlin. Lisa is a reality star who’s also a beauty entrepreneur. She’s all about the hustle and she works very hard to provide for her family. Harry Hamlin is a successful actor who’s appeared in Clash of the Titans, Mad Men, and Shameless. Since this couple has compatible astrological signs, they’re able to weather the ups and downs of life together, but their romance isn’t always perfect.

Lisa Rinna knows a thing or two about stirring up drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as she’s willing to speak her mind regardless of the consequences. Cancers are renowned for their moodiness, so Lisa’s changing state of mind may be the catalyst for some of her most outrageous outbursts. Cancers can be childish at times, and Lisa hasn’t hesitated to throw tantrums when confronted by other past and present Housewives, including Brandi Glanville. Brandi accused multiple Housewives, including Denise Richards, of having affairs with her, and Lisa didn’t take kindly to that. Harry Hamlin is a cool customer, as most Scorpios are. Scorpios roil under the surface, but they try to ensure that no one sees what’s happening inside of them. Harry’s Clark Kent glasses cloak the powerful Superman within, who can handle the worst problems with ease. Lisa’s demonstrative ways balance out Harry’s natural reserve perfectly.

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Lisa was born on July 11, 1963, and her Cancer sign is considered a perfect match for Scorpio, but all relationships have problems. Cancers can be clingy, while Scorpios need some alone time to recharge. Scorpios can be vindictive, and when they lash out, they can really hurt Cancers, who are extremely sensitive. When things are going well, these two will be in tune. They’ll be able to communicate without words a lot of the time. They understand each other. In astrology, there are three water signs, which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs are all compatible and they’re the most emotional of all of the twelve sun signs. Since all three signs have similar emotional temperatures, they just “get” each other, but that much intuitive understanding can set the stage for relationship issues, from jealousy to rage and beyond.

While the couple has been married since 1997, their natural compatibility may be strained at times. In September of 2020, rumors surfaced that Harry Hamlin, who was born on October 30, 1951, was allegedly having an affair while spending time in Canada. Scorpio is a very sexual sign, so Lisa may feel jealousy sometimes, even if it’s based on false and damaging rumors. Someone posted a mean tweet about Harry’s alleged affair with a woman named Patricia, which supposedly took place in a cabin in Muskoka, Ontario. Lisa responded with her own tweet, “Yeah and I watched it was hot as hell Patricia well she’s kind of downer I did’t like her so much.” She put on a brave face, but these rumors surely stung her.

Scorpios are considered very attractive people, and they usually have no problem finding love interests, but they can be loyal when they’re in love. If they’re not really in love, they may wander. If this happens, it can crush Cancer emotionally. Lisa is a tough cookie, but she’s weak when it comes to her man. That’s why she threw a glass at Kim Richards in Amsterdam. Kim had made some cryptic allegations about Harry, and Lisa just lost it. As a Cancer, she’s protective of her family above all, and she will always fight Harry’s corner. Scorpio Harry surely appreciates the way that Lisa has his back.

Overall, this Cancer-Scorpio couple has all of the astrological ingredients for a lifetime of happiness. However, the pressures of fame and time spent apart may take their toll. For now, the pair are together, and they may just be a forever match. Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills clearly loves her husband, with whom she shares two children, Amelia Gray (who is currently dating Scott Disick) and Delilah Belle.

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