How Morgan Edge’s Plan Differed From His Father’s Original

Flashbacks in Superman & Lois season 1, episode 14 confirm that Morgan Edge’s plan was much different than his father’s original ideas.

Superman & Lois has revealed that the scheme carried out by Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) in the Arrowverse series actually isn’t the same one envisioned by his father, Zeta-Rho (A.C. Peterson). At some point down the line, Edge went in a different direction to what his father wanted but ultimately resigned himself to Zeta-Rho’s wishes in the show’s latest episode.

For years, Edge has been carrying out his father’s dreams for the future on Earth. In the guise of a human, the Kryptonian half-brother of Superman has been working on rebuilding their fallen civilization, but at the great cost of innocent lives. Using the Eradicator, Edge successfully transferred the spirits of dead Kryptonians into the bodies of other humans in an effort to build an army he could use to take over the planet. He nearly had a General Zod-possessed Superman at the head of his forces, but he was ultimately prevented from achieving this goal. However, the villain is far from defeated. Now, he’s evolved into the DC Comics villain, Eradicator. Complete with new abilities, Edge may be a bigger threat than ever.

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Becoming the Arrowverse’s Eradicator in Superman & Lois episode 14 was what his father had planned from the start, but it was not at all what Edge had been working toward on the show. Following his training, his objective was to wait for the arrival of his mother’s device and then use it to facilitate “the resurrection” of Krypton. He was also able to transform himself into the Eradicator, which was actually one of the most important phases of the plan. That being said, Edge didn’t go through with it until episode 14 because he was afraid of dying. Apparently, the transformation process was designed to overwrite his identity with something else, possibly the consciousnesses of countless Kryptonians. For this reason, Edge focused on building his army, thinking that this was enough.

One of the key differences in their plans was the role of Superman. In episode 10, Edge revealed himself to Clark, thinking that their familial connection would help convince Superman to join forces with him. A flashback in episode 14 showed that Zeta-Rho didn’t share the same interest in Clark. Whereas Edge envisioned Superman being a major ally, his father thought Clark was “of no consequence,” and at most, an obstacle. He didn’t believe that they should bother trying to team up with a member of a “traitorous bloodline” like the House of El.

The conversation they had about Superman indicated that Edge felt a partnership with Kal-El could serve as an alternative to Zeta-Rho’s master plan with the Eradicator. Due to all his trepidations about sacrificing himself for their cause in Superman & Lois, Edge was desperate to find another way. Recruiting his brother didn’t work, nor did their attempt to possess Superman with the spirit of General Zod. These setbacks, combined with the defeat of Leslie Larr (the only person who would have freed him from his Kryptonite-powered cell), led Edge to accept that his father’s original plan is the only option they have left, even if it wasn’t the one he wanted.

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