How to Add a Printer in Windows 11 or 10

Anyone who’s had to set up a printer before knows it can be an infuriating process. There’s a reason why the printer-smashing scene in “Office Space” still resonates with so many people even though that movie came out in 1999—it doesn’t feel like the experience has improved much in the intervening decades. Microsoft has done what it can to make adding a printer as straightforward as possible in Windows 11, though, so at least we have that going for us.

This guide won’t cover every aspect of setting up a printer. The category is simply too broad in terms of available features, underlying technologies, and manufacturer-specific quirks to go into that much detail. Instead we’re going to explain how to add a printer to Windows 11 after it’s already been configured. We’ll still have to generalize somewhat because the process can vary from device to device, but the primary aspects of the process should be pretty similar.

How to add a printer in Windows 11 with a wired connection 

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