How to Build a Blender (& What It’s For)

The Blender is a new production building in Satisfactory called the Blender. It allows engineers to combine several fluids with solid components.

Update 4 for Satisfactory has gone live, and it includes many new buildings, resources, and gadgets to help engineers create their ideal production lines. One of the new production buildings that can help players more easily access fuel is the Blender. The Blender unlocks at Tier 7 in the Bauxite Refinement section. It allows engineers to blend two or more fluids and combine them with solid parts to make everything from Batteries to Acids and Fuels as a sort of step up from the Packager. The Blender will be very important for players wanting to build and automate Drones, a new transportation object in Satisfactory Update 4.

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The Blender is a large building requiring quite a few components and a good sized amount of free space to build. Like some of the other manufacturing stations in Satisfactory, it can be overclocked to increase input and output speeds and keep production moving when it matters most. Here’s how to build a Blender in Satisfactory and every recipe that can be crafted with it.

How to Build a Blender in Satisfactory

To build a Blender in Satisfactory, players will need to select a space in the large, open world 18 m wide and 16 m long. It needs a head lift of about 10 meters from the center of the Pipeline output as well for pumping fluid into the Blender. Blenders require the following ingredients:

  • 50 Aluminum Casing
  • 20 Motor
  • 10 Heavy Modular Frame
  • 5 Radio Control Unit

Each Blender will have 2 Pipe and 2 Conveyor inputs for fluids and solids respectively, and one Pipe and one Conveyor output.

Blenders have a 75 mw power requirement. This can be overclocked, however. This means the player can expend more power to increase the input and output speeds of items in the Blender, up to 250%.

Like most other production buildings, including the Refinery, the Blender can experience a back-up if the products and byproducts of each item are not removed from the output. This can stop an entire production line, and stop the Blender, so players will need to be vigilant about managing their supply chain.

Items that can be made in the Blender, along with their crafting recipes, appear below:

  • Battery: 5 Sulfuric Acid, 4 Alumina Solution, 2 Aluminum Casing
  • Cooling Device: 24 Nitrogen Gas, 5 Heat Sink, 1 Motor
  • Cooling System: 25 Nitrogen Gas, 5 Water, 2 Rubber, 2 Heat Sink
  • Diluted Fuel: 10 Water, 5 Heavy Oil Residue
  • Encased Uranium Cell: 10 Uranium, 8 Sulfuric Acid, 3 Concrete
  • Fertile Uranium: 5 Uranium, 5 Uranium Waste, 5 Sulfuric Acid, 3 Nitric Acid
  • Fused Modular Frame: 50 Aluminum Casing, 25 Nitrogen Gas, 1 Heavy Modular Frame
  • Heat-Fused Frame: 50 Aluminum Ingot, 10 Fuel, 8 Nitric Acid, 1 Heavy Modular Frame
  • Instant Scrap: 15 Bauxite, 10 Coal, 6 Water, 5 Sulfuric Acid
  • Nitric Acid: 12 Nitrogen Gas, 3 Water, 1 Iron Plate
  • Non-Fissile Uranium: 15 Uranium Waste, 10 Silica, 6 Nitric Acid, 6 Sulfuric Acid
  • Turbo Blend Fuel: 4 Heavy Oil Residue, 3 Sulfur, 3 Petroleum Coke, 2 Fuel

It is possible more items and recipes will be added in future Satisfactory updates.

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Satisfactory is available for PC.

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