How to change your Google Nest video doorbell ringtone

(Pocket-lint) – Google Nest offers two different video doorbells in their portfolio, but it’s only possible to change the doorbell ringtone on one of them throughout most of the year.

If you have the Google Nest Wired model, which was previously called the Nest Hello doorbell, it’s only possible to change the ringtone during seasonal periods when particular themes are released. You can read how to change the ringtone during Christmas and Halloween in our separate features. 

If you have the Google Nest Battery doorbell, you not only get the option of the seasonal ringtones when they are available, but you also get the option to change the standard ringtone throughout the rest of the year too.

How to change the ringtone of your Nest video doorbell

For those wanting to change the ringtone of their Nest video doorbell – the battery model – you’ll need to follow the steps below. Whatever tone you choose from the list will be the same tone the person pressing the doorbell will hear – as you would expect – and it will also be the same tone you will hear on any Nest speakers inside if you have visitor announcements turned on. 

  1. Open the Google Home app
  2. Look for your Nest doorbell in the list
  3. Tap on your Nest doorbell 
  4. Tap on the Settings cog in the top right of the screen 
  5. Tap on ‘Doorbell’
  6. Tap on ‘Doorbell theme’
  7. If seasonal themes are available, you’ll see the option come up here alongside Classic themes.
  8. If there are no seasonal themes available at the time, a list of themes will appear immediately
  9. Choose your new Nest doorbell ringtone
  10. That’s it. Your Nest video doorbell will update in a few minutes.

What ringtone options are there for your Nest video doorbell? 

There are several classic ringtone options to choose from if you have the Nest Video Doorbell battery model. 

There are seven altogether, ignoring any seasonal options that appear throughout the year. The standard options are as follows:

  • Ding Dong
  • Birthday Party
  • Happy Birthday
  • Nest Classic
  • Digital
  • Bells
  • Westminster

Writing by Britta O’Boyle.

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