How to Complete the Special Treasure Clues (Lost Riches Event)

The new version of Lost Riches in Genshin Impact comes with a Special Treasure feature. Here’s how to find and solve all the Special Treasure Clues.

Genshin Impact is constantly running new special events for players to enjoy. One of the most iconic limited-time events so far has been the Lost Riches Event, where players get to hunt for treasure with the help of an adorable Treasure-Hunting Seelie. Now, the event is the first in the game to get a rerun, so players who missed the original event will get the chance to play an updated version now.

The new version of Lost Riches features the same treasure hunting as the original run, with the addition of a new Special Treasure feature. This feature gives players the opportunity to explore Inazuma even more and earn extra rewards. Here’s how to find all the Special Treasure Clues, and how to solve them.

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There are a total of 14 treasure areas in the new Lost Riches event, spread all over the various islands of Inazuma. Within these areas, players can use their Treasure-Hunting Seelies to locate treasure. The Seelie will glow brighter and blink faster as players get closer to the treasure, and then automatically fly above the treasure once the player gets close enough.

How to Solve the Special Treasure Clues in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Lost Riches Special Treasure Location 1

The treasure spots across Inazuma all contain Iron Coins, which can be used to purchase event rewards. However, certain spots also have Special Treasure pieces. These are map pieces that form a picture of a location in Inazuma where the Special Treasure is located.

Once players go to the location in the Special Treasure picture, they will have to activate their Treasure-Hunting Seelie. Once the Seelie is close enough, it will fly above the treasure location and activate the puzzle. This puzzle consists of a box of squares on the floor. Players must stand on the first square to begin the puzzle, then step on squares to light them up in the correct sequence to complete it.

Players can step on the squares multiple times. Every time the square is stepped on, it will either light up or turn off. Along with each Special Treasure Clue map is a diagram of how to complete the box. Players can step on as many tiles as they need. Jumping or exiting the square ends the challenge.

There are a total of two Special Treasure locations for this run of the Lost Riches event. The first one is north of the Araumi underground entrance, and the clues for it can be found in Treasure Areas one through four. The second location is at the ruins of Fort Mumei, and the clues for this map can be found in Treasure Areas five through eight.

Completing these Special Treasure puzzles in Genshin Impact will reward 60 Primogems, as well as various other rewards. These puzzles are a new addition to the Lost Riches event and a great way for players already participating to earn even more great in-game prizes.

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Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mobile.

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