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How to Enjoy your Boat Year-Round?

Most yacht owners dream of spending their summers cruising the Mediterranean and their winters soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. Keen to follow the sun, the yachting jet setters tend to head to the glamorous Western and magnificent Eastern Mediterranean during the spring and summer months, taking full advantage of the hotter climate. Then in the winter, popular cruising destinations include the Caribbean Islands, the tropical Leeward Islands, and the stunning Windward Islands.

Double Yachting Season

However, in reality, most yacht owners only get to enjoy one season onboard their yacht in a single region. Depending on where the yacht is registered and kept, many owners tend to remain within this region. Why? The costs linked to transporting a 35m motor yacht across the Atlantic Ocean for a splendid but single winter season on the sandy white beaches of the Caribbean can reach up to $300,000. This in addition to crew costs, maintenance fees, and other costs for a few weeks in the sun, can deter many owners. In addition, as the winter season is shorter than the long summer season, many owners prefer to travel between the high summer months of June to August. But what if there was a simple way to double your yachting season? A concept that easily ensured you could spend a fantastic summer cruising through the hotspots of the French Riviera and Amalfi Coast in the Med and a fantastically warm winter tanning on the beaches of the Bahamas and Caribbean islands?

Double Yachting Season

Under SeaNet Europe’s co-ownership model (fractional yacht ownership), you acquire a percentage of a superyacht, sharing the financial responsibilities of owning a yacht from the initial purchase price to the maintenance, operational and crew costs. By sharing ownership of a yacht with others, you are able to offset the costs of shipping your yacht across the Atlantic Ocean and able to enjoy a double season in two gorgeous regions! While some may say that the co-ownership model makes it harder to access the yacht when you wish to go on holiday, SeaNet’s proven concept guarantees co-owners usage of the yacht during all seasons, from pre-season to peak season.

Due to the effective yet simple rotational model, co-owners take turns in selecting their preferred weeks per season, ensuring everyone has a fair say.

Double Yachting Season

When it comes to enjoying your yacht in the Med or Caribbean, a happy, satisfied crew remains at the heart of your experience, regardless of the season. This is why SeaNet aims to guarantee the best possible crew for all its yachts. Under SeaNet’s co-ownership model, crew management and hires are handled, which ensures the crew is regularly rotated to combat issues such as overworking, boredom, and fast crew turnover. Through this tried and proven model annual running costs are covered as well as yacht and crew management, making it a breeze to spend summer in the Med and winter in the Caribbean.

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