How to Find Odin and Thor in Valheim

Players have reported sightings of both Odin and Thor while exploring the world of Valheim. Here’s how to find the Norse deities when they appear.

Norse mythology plays a role in the story, landscape, and enemies of Valheim, but players may not know they can spot two Norse deities while exploring and restoring peace to the wilderness. At the start of a new campaign in Valheim, a mighty Viking warrior slain in battle is carried by Hugin, one of Odin’s two raven spies, to Valheim, the tenth Norse world to which Odin has banished his enemies. Five of these monstrous creatures have become quite powerful, and it is up to the Viking warrior to defeat them in battle and bring order to the chaos. The massive, procedurally generated open world can feel empty and lonely for players not in co-op, but some fans have spotted at least two gods from the Norse pantheon who appear to be keeping tabs on the Viking warrior, ensuring they are never really alone: Odin and Thor.

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Finding Odin and Thor in Valheim can be difficult simply because they are random, extremely brief encounters that players have very little control over. However, players can keep an eye on their surroundings to make sure they don’t miss a visit from these famous figures. In addition, a player’s chances of finding Thor will improve greatly the further they progress in the game. Here’s how to find Odin and Thor in Valheim.

How to Find Odin in Valheim

A cloaked figure believed to be Odin watches a player from afar in Valheim

Many players have reported seeing a shadowy figure standing a distance away from their home base or Viking in Valheim. The figure emits a faint, blue aura and watches the Viking with a single, glowing eye. At first, it was difficult to discern who or what this figure might be, as it tended to vanish whenever a Viking would approach. Over time, it was theorized and discovered this shadowy creature was actually the Allfather himself.

According to Norse mythology, when Odin would travel through the realms of Yggdrasil, he would don the disguise of a cloaked traveler. In the legends, Odin also traded one of his eyes for wisdom. These align very well with the figure some players have noticed watching them from afar.

Odin sightings are mostly random, though players can input the console command spawn odin to cause the figure to briefly appear in front of them. Once he has appeared, if players get within 20 meters of him, or farther away than 50 meters, he will vanish. Arrows and other ranged weapons won’t have any effect.

While somewhat creepy at first glance, fans have now speculated that Odin is simply there to observe the progress the Viking has made in defeating the monsters wreaking havoc on Valheim. Players should take his appearance as a comfort rather than a threat.

How to Find Thor in Valheim

Valheim Dragon Fight

Odin is not the only Norse mythological figure to appear in Valheim. Weather patterns in Valheim can be spectacular, with beautiful, violent storms breaking up sunnier days. As expected, players have spotted Thor streaking across the sky in his chariot pulled by rams during some of these thunderstorms. While the shadow of the chariot can sometimes be difficult to recognize in cloudy weather, Thor will also announce himself with an erratic streak of blue lightning heading in a single direction.

Thor sightings are very rare in the early stages of Valheim, and players may go many days before they see him, if they manage to catch a glimpse of him at all. However, players can increase the frequency at which Thor will spawn. To do this, they will need to find and defeat Moder, the fourth boss of the Mountains biome. Once Vikings have hung her trophy, Thor has a 50% chance to spawn during any thunderstorm.

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Valheim is in Steam Early Access and is available for PC.

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