How to Find the Hatch in Dead By Daylight

Once there is only one Survivor left in Dead by Daylight, the Hatch can open to allow them to escape. They will need to listen carefully to find it.

When only one Survivor remains in Dead By Daylight, it is possible for them to escape through a Hatch that can spawn just about anywhere within the map. Typically, escaping a trial in Dead By Daylight requires Survivors to work together and repair Generators that power two exit gates somewhere on the perimeter of the map. However, if only a single Survivor remains, the mysterious Entity who demands the Killers sacrifice Survivors will open an escape Hatch rather than making the single Survivor evade the killer and work on Generators. While some Dead By Daylight Killers are benevolent at the end of the match, bringing the sole Survivor to the Hatch if they find it, they can also close it and cut off the last Survivor’s only exit. Often, Survivors will need to be the first to find and reach the Hatch before the Killer seals their fate.

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It is usually better if Survivors can locate the Hatch early in the match and recall its location, rather than searching for it while trying to evade a Killer when they are the last player standing. Though a Hatch can spawn anywhere in Dead By Daylight, there are a few places where it is more likely to appear. Additionally, burning certain Offering items from a Survivor’s Bloodweb can cause the Hatch to spawn more consistently in the same place. To find the Hatch in Dead By Daylight, Survivors should check around the Killer Shack, look at the tops of hills and inside complicated pallet loops, and listen for the sound of a wind tunnel nearby.

Strategies to Locate the Hatch in Dead By Daylight

Jill and Leon repair a generator in Dead By Daylight

During the Trial, it is possible to stumble upon the Hatch in Dead By Daylight at random. It will be a large square on the ground with a metal grate over the top. A Hatch will always spawn when the number of Survivors left alive is one more than the number of Generators that have been completed. The will be sealed until there is only one Survivor left or until a Survivor opens it with a Key, usually found in one of the Chests during the Trial or as an inventory Item.

The Hatch usually spawns at ground level, though there are a few indoor Dead By Daylight maps where it only spawns on the second floor. If Survivors find the Hatch, they should make note of its location so they can find it again later.

When seeking the Hatch as the Killer or Survivor when only one Survivor remains, players should start by looking in and around the Killer Shack, if the map has one. This location is the most likely to have the Hatch. Players may find it inside near the Pallet or outside on the windowless wall. They should also check the main building of the Trial, if the map has one. The main building of each map has different possible spawn locations for the Hatch, so players may need to check around these buildings during their Trials to learn the locations and commit them to memory.

Amanda Young Saw The Pig Dead by Daylight Game

If the Hatch does not appear in either of these places, the next best places to look are the tops of hills outdoors and in particularly complicated Pallet loops. Otherwise, the Hatch may be around trees in a random spot on the map, making it extremely difficult to locate.

Survivors can try to find the Hatch using auditory cues. When opened, the Hatch creates a whispering sound, almost like a wind tunnel. Provided the Killer has not shut it, Survivors can follow the sound to find and escape through the Hatch.

Players can improve the predictability of a Hatch spawn using a few of the Dead By Daylight Offering items during the Trial. The Annotated Blueprint and Vigo’s Blueprint Offerings, when burned, tremendously increase the chances of the Hatch spawning inside or around the Killer Shack or main building respectively, if either of these buildings appears on the generated map.

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Dead By Daylight is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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