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Ever have Apple Music randomly skip songs for no apparent reason? If you answered yes, here are a few tips on how to fix this pesky bug.

Apple Music is a fantastic music-streaming app — except when it starts skipping songs for no reason. While modern smartphone/desktop applications are better today than they’ve ever been, that’s not to say they’re perfect. They can crash, have slow performance, or bug out for seemingly no reason at all. It’s certainly annoying whenever something like this happens, and thankfully, there’s usually a way for users to fix these issues.

When Apple Music isn’t randomly skipping songs on users, it’s one of the best music streaming apps on the market. It has more than 75 million tracks for subscribers to listen to, live radio stations, offline listening, and is available on virtually every platform. Many songs are also offered with Lossless Audio and/or Dolby Atmos — both of which add a layer of immersion not found on something like Spotify. For some users, unfortunately, the experience is occasionally tarnished by a pesky bug.

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Take one look online, and it doesn’t take long to see multiple Apple Music users complaining about skipping songs. They can be listening to Apple Music just fine, but then out of nowhere, songs will start skipping on their own. Although a fix for this isn’t immediately apparent, a few tactics can get it to start working like normal. For starters, the first thing to check is the internet connection of the device streaming Apple Music. If listening to songs on an iPhone, iPad, or Android device, check to see how strong/weak the signal is. If there are only a couple of service bars, there might not be enough data to stream a song — thus resulting in Apple Music skipping to the next track if the current one can’t be played. In this case, connecting to Wi-Fi might do the trick. If already connected to Wi-Fi and listening to Apple Music on iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows, disable the Wi-Fi connection and then turn it back on again. If Apple Music is still acting up, it may be worth rebooting the entire router.

Other Tips For Fixing Skipping Songs On Apple Music

Apple Music in the App Store on an iPhone

Another possible reason for skipping songs on Apple Music could be that someone isn’t running the latest version of the app. On iPhone, for example, the iOS 14.7 update fixed a bug that caused Lossless Audio and Dolby Atmos songs to randomly stop in the middle of playing them. To check for an update on iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app, tap ‘General,’ tap ‘Software Update,’ and it’ll check to see if an update is available. If there is one, download and install it to get on the latest version of iOS/iPadOS. For Android users, checking for an Apple Music update is a bit different: Open the Play Store app, tap the profile icon in the top-right corner, tap ‘Manage apps & device,’ and tap ‘See details’ under the ‘Updates available’ section. If there’s an update for Apple Music, tap the ‘Update’ button next to it and wait for the download to finish. For Apple Music users on Windows using the iTunes app, click ‘Help’ from the menu bar at the top of iTunes, click ‘Check for Updates,’ and download any that are available.

If none of the above works, the answer might lie in fully closing the Apple Music app and opening it back up again. It’s the equivalent of unplugging a computer and plugging it back in. It sounds like the simplest thing in the world, but it’s often the best way to fix a misbehaving app — Apple Music or anything else. Keep those tips in mind, and the next time Apple Music starts skipping songs when it shouldn’t, this should help get things back to normal.

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