How To Get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Dreamers must unlock Maui as a Villager and complete his Friendship Quest, “Burying The Eel.”

Much like real life, Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley are a tropical fruit used to make scrumptious desserts or as a substitute for other ingredients. Dishes made with Coconuts will eventually be required for completing specific Dreamlight Duties, Star Path Duties, and customer orders within Chez Remy. However, players will encounter an issue: Dreamlight Valley’s Coconuts are not available in any of the unlockable biomes or their corresponding Goofy Stalls.


To get Coconuts in Dreamlight Valley, players must first complete all the quests required to bring Moana and Maui to the Valley. This includes unlocking the Moana Realm and completing both “After the Storm” and “How Far You’ll Go.” After these two quests are complete Moana will come to the player’s Valley, and once they establish her house’s location players can return to the Moana Realm to begin Maui’s missions.

Looking for a quick video walkthrough on how to get Coconuts in Dreamlight Valley? Check out the breakdown from Game Guides Channel on YouTube below!

To make things a bit easier, players should return home and cook as many 3-Star meals as they can before returning to the Moana Realm.

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Unlocking Coconut Trees In Dreamlight Valley

A split screen image of Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley talking to a player with the other image showing the same player planting a seed on Dazzle Beach

Coconuts in Dreamlight Valley come from Coconut Trees, and players must both bring Maui to their Valley and raise his Friendship Level to 2 before gaining access to the quest which unlocks Coconut Trees. According to Sportskeeda, the first thing players need to do is complete Maui’s “A Feast Worth of a Demigod” mission by giving him three 3-Star meals, after which he will agree to become a Villager in Dreamlight Valley.

Once Maui returns with the player and his home has been established, the quest “Burying The Eel” will begin when Maui’s Friendship reaches Level 2. Finishing this quest will allow Coconut Trees to begin spawning in Dreamlight Valley, but first players will need to follow the steps below:

Step One

Bring Maui 3 Worms and 8 Softwood.

Step Two

Craft a Fishing Trap using these items.

Step Three

Take the Fishing Trap to Dazzle Beach and place it in the ocean to catch an eel.

Step Four

Bury the eel on Dazzle Beach and tend to it until it grows into a Coconut Tree.

To find Worms in Dreamlight Valley, dig around in the large mounds of dirt found in the Peaceful Meadow!

Once these steps have been completed and “Burying The Eel” is finished, Coconut Trees will start appearing on Dazzle Beach. Players will now be able to get Coconuts in Dreamlight Valley as much as they want. Each Coconut Tree will give players three Coconuts, and according to the Disney Dreamlight Valley Wiki it only takes 30 minutes for Coconuts to regrow.

Dreamlight Valley: Coconut Recipes

A player character poses with some Christmas gingerbread cookies in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconuts are classified as a Fruit ingredient in recipes. While it can be used as a substitute for any fruit in the game, there are also unique recipes in Dreamlight Valley that can only be cooked with Coconuts. These are:

Coconut Cake

  • Coconut
  • Egg
  • Sugarcane
  • Wheat

Coconut Ice Cream

  • Coconut
  • Milk
  • Slush Ice
  • Sugarcane

Tropical Pop

  • Coconut
  • Fruit (Any)
  • Slush Ice
  • Sugarcane

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