How To Get Infinite Paragon/Renegade Points in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect Legendary Edition fixes tons of bugs across the trilogy, but one useful bug that results in infinite Paragon/Renegade points remains.

Developers worked to eliminate many bugs in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, remastering the series to run a bit more smoothly on more sophisticated systems, but one useful bug from the original games appears to have slipped through the cracks. Kotaku reported an old exploit that allows Commander Shepard to earn infinite Paragon or Renegade points and open up more dialogue options still works in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This bug, found on Noveria, allows players to buff their morality score, which can feel chronically low depending on how players choose to progress the story.

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To access this bug, Shepard will need to travel to Noveria to investigate what Matriarch Benezia and Saren want there. While in Port Hanshan, Shepard will meet its salarian administrator, Anoleis, and his assistant, Gianna Parasini. They will also meet a turian at the bar named Lorik Qui’in, who was fired from his position after discovering dirt on Anoleis. Shepard will need to help Lorik and Gianna to use the exploit ahead of the confrontation on Noveria’s Port 15. Here’s how to earn infinite Paragon or Renegade points in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to Get Lorik to Testify Against Anoleis in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Shepard asks Lorik about Matriarch Benezia on Noveria in Mass Effect

To use the infinite Paragon/Renegade point exploit in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Shepard must get Lorik to testify against Anoleis, then keep asking him to do so to continue earning morality points. Shepard will find Lorik in the Port Hanshan bar. He can get Shepard access to the garage to get to the Mako and Port 15 despite the lockdown due to the storm, but Shepard will need to help him first.

Shepard and their squad will need to enter Lorik’s locked office in Synthetic Insights and get the evidence against Anoleis. Shepard will need to fight through several enemies to access it and leave the office again. Once they do, before they bring the evidence to Lorik, they should stop and talk to Gianna, who will also be in the same bar at this point.

Following the conversation with Gianna, Shepard will need to convince Lorik to testify against Anoleis. They should use either the Charm or Intimidate option here. When Lorik agrees, they can leave the conversation.

Shepard can interact with Lorik again and repeat this conversation as many times as necessary to buff their Paragon/Renegade score in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The dialogue options players will need to take are, Matriarch Benezia > Another Question > Testify Against Anoleis, followed by the Charm or Intimidate option.

There was a similar exploit in the original Mass Effect 2 during Samara’s Loyalty mission. Following the confrontation with Morinth, Shepard can ask Samara how she is feeling for bonus Paragon points. This dialogue can be repeated as many times as the player wants to buff their Paragon score specifically. It is not clear yet whether this exploit also works in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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