How to Hack an SNES Classic Console to Add More Games

From Starfox to Super Mario World, the Super Nintendo console (SNES) had some of the most memorable games of all-time, and people still want to play them today. Though Nintendo stopped producing its Super Nintendo mini console in 2019, you can still buy the SNES Classic Edition today…if you’re willing to pay more than double its original MSRP of $79. Unfortunately, unless you know how to hack it, you’re still going to be limited to a pretty small collection of games.

When I purchased my very first SNES Classic, I was excited to play the 20 pre-loaded games within the library, which includes classics like Secret of Mana and Donkey Kong Country. Nintendo doesn’t provide an official way to add more titles, but there’s an easy SNES Classic hack that will let you install more games, provided you have the ROMs for them. Note that downloading ROMs even for games that you own or ripping them yourself is a legal gray area at best, so we won’t be getting into that here. 

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