How to Make Windows 11 Look and Feel Like Windows 10

There are lots of reasons to upgrade to the preview version of Windows 11, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with all aspects of the new user interface. Perhaps, like me, you don’t like the new Start Menu because it takes up so much space. Or maybe you hate the fact that File Explorer is missing a ribbon menu or that right click menus only hold 7 options and force you to click “Show more options” to see them all.

The good news is that, with a combination of registry tweaks, third-party apps and some different art work, you can get some of the look and feel of Windows 10 back in Windows 11. The bad news is that Microsoft doesn’t seem to want you to go back to a previous UI so it may disable any registry hacks you use in future updates. And these are hacks for a frequently-changing beta OS so there’s no guarantee you won’t run into bugs; proceed at your own risk.

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