How To Recover Deleted Files From Any Drive in Linux

Hardware failure and a careless user feeling adventurous with powerful utilities such as  dd  and fdisk can lead to data loss in Linux. Not only that, sometimes spring cleaning a partition or directory can also lead to accidentally deleting some useful files. Should that happen, there’s no reason to despair. With the PhotoRec utility, you can easily recover a variety of files, be it documents, images, music,  archives and so on. 

Developed by CGSecurity and released under the GPL, PhotoRec is distributed as a companion utility of Testdisk, which can be used to recover and restore partitions. You can use either of these tools to recover files, but each has a job that it’s best suited for. Testdisk is best suited for recovering lost partitions. Whether this is on account of you overwriting or deleting a partition, or a partition becoming unreadable for any reason, Testdisk can help you restore the partition, or at the very least, recover data from it. But if all you’re interested in is recovering deleted files from a partition, hard disk or even a USB drive, you can use PhotoRec. Although initially designed to only recover image files (hence the name), PhotoRec can be used to recover just about any manner of file. 

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