HTC VIVE VR Facial Tracker—express more than words in VR » Gadget Flow

HTC VIVE VR Facial Tracker—express more than words in VR » Gadget Flow

Introducing HTC’s VIVE Facial Tracker—a VR gadget that captures your facial expressions in real-time and is compatible with other devices. Explore more of HTC’s upcoming launch in today’s blog.

HTC has announced two new VR tracking devices: VIVE Tracker 3.0 and the VIVE Facial Tracker. The Tracker 3.0 is an upgrade on previous versions, offering a 75% longer battery life, 33% smaller design, and more. For this article, we’ll focus on the VIVE VR Facial Tracker, which can track up to 38 different facial movements and has a 10 millisecond response time.

Allow this VR gadget to capture movements of the bottom half of your face to enhance games and make them even more realistic.

HTC’s VIVE VR Facial Tracker in demonstration

Tracks your facial movements in real-time

Designed to express more than words and body movements in VR, the VIVE Facial Tracker displays up to 38 blend shapes across the lips, jaw, teeth, cheeks, tongue, and chin. As a result, it can replicate a smile, sneer, or scowl. And the lip movements accompany voice audio with a response time of 10 milliseconds. In fact, it has a 60 Hz tracking rate to read facial expressions in real-time. With minimal delays, it offers an impressive realistic feature. You can even pair it with the VIVE Pro Eye for a full-face tracking experience.

Moreover, the Facial Tracker features dual cameras to capture full lower-face motion from a variety of angles with accuracy. The cameras feature a wide-angle lens, so they don’t miss a single gesture, allowing it to capture your every facial expression.

HTC VIVE VR Facial Tracker—express more than words in VR
VIVE VR Facial Tracker attached to a VR headset

Compatible with other VR gadgets

HTC encourages you to use the VIVE Facial Tracker with the Vive Tracker and Vive Pro Eye for a head-to-toe VR experience. In fact, we don’t see how the Facial Tracker would attach without another VR wearable.

Overall, you can use the HTC VIVE Facial Tracker in low-lit conditions, thanks to the infrared illuminations that maintain reliable and accurate tracking wherever you are. This is great for long gaming sessions and using it in a variety of settings.

This VR gadget will cost $129.99 and is available on 24 March. Stay tuned on HTC’S official website for more information on making your order. What are your thoughts on the VIVE Facial Tracker? latest release? Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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