HUE HD Pro Camera portable doc camera views a full sheet & projects it onto the whiteboard » Gadget Flow

Use the HUE HD Pro portable doc camera in your classroom to take images of pages as large as A4 and US letter sizes. In fact, this gadget can view the full sheet. It then projects it onto the whiteboard through your PC and projector as well as connects directly to most smartboards. With a long, flexible neck, it makes it easy to get the right angle. Additionally, the built-in LED lights ensure you can see everything clearly. Working with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux, this gadget comes with HUE Intuition camera management software that works on Windows and macOS only. This gives you even more functionality. For example, you can record video and sound, annotate images, take snapshots, and more. With a wide range of functions, this camera is helpful for demonstrating classroom projects, recording science experiments, video chatting with remote students, and more.

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