Hugh Jackman Trends After Wishing Felix From Stray Kids Happy Birthday

X-Men star Hugh Jackman’s name trends on social media after the actor wished Felix, of the K-pop group Stray Kids, a happy birthday on Instagram.

X-Men star Hugh Jackman’s name began trending earlier today after fans noticed the actor wishing Felix (of the K-pop group, Stray Kids) a happy birthday on Instagram. Jackman was among the pioneering cohort of actors to portray Marvel superheroes once Marvel Comics began their concerted effort to branch into feature films in the early 2000s. His depiction of the clawed mutant, Wolverine, first debuted in 2000’s X-Men, and recently retired nearly two decades later in 2017’s Logan. Alongside his co-star Sir Patrick Stewart, who portrayed Professor X in nearly every film Wolverine appears in, Jackman holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-held career as a live-action superhero. His tenure as the Wolverine definitively cemented Jackman as one of the most recognizable movie stars across the globe.

In the past few months, Jackman has found himself roped into the world of internet K-pop discourse thanks in part to his X-Men Origins: Wolverine co-star, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds, who portrays the titular Merc-with-a-Mouth in 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool films, recently caught wind of the K-pop group Stray Kids’ Deadpool-inspired performance. After congratulating the group, Reynolds made a teasing comment calling them his “new favorite Australians” – clearly a playful jab at his close friend Jackman, who also hails from Australia. After Jackman responded with his own lighthearted comments, the actor’s link with Stray Kids was thought to be over; however, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Stray Kids’ official Instagram account recently posted a picture wishing group-member Felix a happy birthday. Just under the caption, Jackman chimed in as well, with his own birthday wishes for the 21-year-old K-pop artist. Check out the comment below:

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K-pop has become an international cultural and financial juggernaut across the globe in recent years. Matters concerning K-pop artists routinely trend on social media sites, highlighting just how much influence fans wield. Even something as mundane as a happy birthday message can receive tens of thousands of likes, as well as cause the commenter’s name to trend. For a fandom as internationally diverse as Stray Kids,’ who refer to themselves as “Stays,” social media becomes the primary medium by which fans interact and discuss news.

Given the popularity of Marvel’s films in South Korea, Stray Kids’ ongoing saga with Hugh Jackman is unsurprising. K-pop artists tend to be much younger than most English-speaking pop artists; for reference, Jackman’s first outing as the Wolverine debuted two months before Felix was even born. Despite being international stars themselves, K-pop artists are just as much superhero fans as the rest of the moviegoing population.

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