Hydro fully automated hydroponic indoor grower lets you grow fresh veggies all year long » Gadget Flow

Make sure you and your family always have healthy foods to eat with Hydro, the fully automated hydroponic indoor grower. This device grows fresh vegetables in your home—all 365 days of the year. What’s more is that you get to say goodbye to all the excess and unnecessary plastic packaging your store-bought produce comes in. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with food waste, either! Keep your kitchen stocked with a wide variety of fresh foods no matter the season. The easy-to-use Hydro grower gives you on-demand crisp salad greens and more. With its hydroponic design, it helps your crops reach their full potential up to 50% faster. Not only that, but it also uses 95% less water! Choose exactly what you want to grow and when you want to harvest it, using the 3 adjustable shelves that can each hold 10 pods. Finally, its modern design looks great anywhere!

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