I tried Poundland’s make-up range – the results surprised me

I’m a make-up artist and I did a full beauty look for £7 with Poundland’s cosmetics range – the results surprised me

  • Hannah Wills from South Yorkshire tested Poundland’s make-up range
  • She was positively surprised by how well the make-up applied and looked on her
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With the cost of living crisis affecting many people, one make-up artist took to TikTok to try Poundland make-up to see if it was effective, or whether it is a waste of money. 

Hannah Wills from South Yorkshire, who goes by blendbyhan online, took a trip to her local Poundland to review their make-up for her 107,000 followers.

She picked up some pressed powder, which she said ‘has been sold out for ages’, concealer, plumping lip gloss, lipstick, bronzer, an eyebrow pencil and some eyebrow gel. 

Altogether, Hannah’s full-face of make-up is estimated to have costed her just £7 – usually around the price of one high-street make-up item. 

She stared off by using the concealer as an eye base and said: ‘It’s a lot thinner than I expected’. 

Hannah Wills from South Yorkshire tested out Poundland’s make-up range and was surprised

Hannah then applied the concealer underneath her eyes and said ‘it feels really light underneath the eye’, but she admitted the shade was a bit too dark. 

She then applied it to her other eyelid, and said it reminded her of the Hnb concealer, which retails for £16 at Boots. 

‘I really like that concealer,’ she concluded, before moving on to the pressed powders, which she got in two different shades.

She likened one of the shades to her Maybelline pressed powder, before saying ‘moment of truth’ as she blotted it on to her face.

‘Oh my god that’s very powdery, I put too much on,’ she said. ‘I feel like I do need to go  slightly lighter but I don’t mind how this looks. 

Testing Poundland makeup out 🤑#poundland #poundlandmakeup #tiktokmademebuyit

Hannah tries out the concealer, which she says reminds her of the Hnb concealer, which retails for £16 

She then tries out the powder and blots it onto her face before saying that she said doesn’t feel like it’s dry

‘It doesn’t feel like anything. It doesn’t feel dry for a powder.’

She then grabbed the bronzer, which she lightly swept across her cheeks.

Hannah said: ‘I feel like this is going to be very pigmented so I’m just trying to tap it on. That is such a nice colour – like neutral, little bit of warmth.’

She then brushed the powder across her eyelids while saying: ‘This one pound bronzer, I’ve not heard anyone really talk about this beautiful shade – it’s one pound and it’s not messing with my eczema on my eye.’

Next the make-up guru tested out an eyebrow pencil, which had the pencil on one side and a brush on the other side. 

She said: ‘Eyebrow pencil next and this looks very promising. Shade brown, love a skinny brow pencil and that has gone on really nice. 

The make-up artist then tries out the bronzer. She said: ‘That is such a nice colour – like neutral, little bit of warmth’

‘I’ll brush that out. A really nice cool tone brown, I really like that.’ 

To set her eyebrows, Hannah then used some clear brow gel. She said: ‘I got this brow gel, I don’t know how this is gonna go because I don’t really use clear brow gel.

‘It gives more texture to your brow, it makes them look fluffier.’ 

She then grabbed two lipsticks that she picked up – one in a subtle nude shade called ‘feisty’ and one in a rose colour called ‘courageous’. 

As she swatched them onto her hand, Hannah said: ‘Oh, it’s not as pigmented as I wanted it to be, but is it more of a sheen?

You need to get to poundland 😍 #poundlandmakeup #cheapmakeup #ukmakeup

Moving onto brows, Hannah tested the eyebrow products. She liked the eyebrow pencil but wasn’t fussed about the gel

Pointing to the rose shade, she said: ‘I really like that colour.’

She then applied the nude lipstick onto her lips and gasped before saying: ‘This is one of those products that looks better on than swatched.’

Hannah then applied the pinker colour, and said:  ‘Look at that shade, look at that! I’m really happy with it,’ before picking up the plumping lip gloss. 

Firstly, she tested shade five named ‘pink dust’ and said: ‘I want to see how plumping it is though, how much does it tingle. 

‘Oh my god that smells insane. Ohhh my god. It doesn’t feel mega burning or anything, I feel a little bit of a tingle but not much.’

To wrap things up, the make-up lover then said whether each product had a yes or a no. 

She said: ‘Make-up is finished, concealer is a yes, powder is a yes and bronzer, yep.’

Holding up the eyebrow pencil she said: ‘yes, yes, yes,’ before holding up the lip products and saying ‘yes, these shocked me.’

Hannah liked the lip products – she didn’t think much of the lipsticks before applying them and she instantly liked the gloss which she said didn’t burn

The only product Hannah wasn’t bothered about was the eyebrow gel, saying: ‘I’m not really fussed about this one.’ 

It seems that the experiment was a success, and she ended the video holding all the products and telling her followers to get themselves to Poundland. 

The two videos almost racked up almost 293,000 views, with fans sharing their views of the make-up in the comments. 

TikTok users commented their experiences of using Poundland make-up, some claimed it affected their skin

One user said: ‘That concealer is so good,’ with another commenting: ‘Okay but I’ve been trying to gatekeep the lipgloss, it’s always sold out at the moment’.

A third wrote: ‘I work at Poundland and whenever we get make-up in our deliveries I will buy the powder as my shade always sells out.’

But others weren’t fussed and even claimed their skin had been affected by the make-up, with one TikTok user commenting: ‘The concealer gave me a red mark.’

Another penned: ‘Is it just me that the concealer makes my eyes sting like when I put it on?’

A third said: ‘The concealer is so good if you have a strong skin barrier, if you not it ruins it.’ 

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