IKEA TJUGO sleek battery recharger powers 1–8 rechargeable batteries at the same time » Gadget Flow

Cut down on costs and reduce waste with the IKEA TJUGO sleek battery recharger. This charger has 8 separate charging channels, which let you charge 1–8 rechargeable batteries simultaneously. It even allows you to mix AA and AAA batteries. What’s more, it also shuts off once the batteries are fully charged. That way, it provides practical storage without overheating. Furthermore, its book-shaped design allows this battery recharger to blend in with other items on your desk. In fact, others might not even realize what it actually does. Also, the small form factor makes it possible to stow this gadget in a backpack or bag and take it on the go. Finally, you’ll love the IKEA gray-green color scheme. Get the power you need while keeping the environment in mind with this fun battery recharger.

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